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2022 - The Marquart Charger

March 2022:
I have apparently lost my mind and decided a third airplane would be a good idea.  As usual, I found a good solid plane that has some problems.  So, I'll blog my way through acquiring it and getting it into acceptable condition.  

Page 1 - March 2022 - I look it over and ultimately buy the charger, then get started on some minor repairs and an thorough inspection.

2020 The Van's RV-6 Rebuild Project

February 2020:
It looks like a decent machine.  But, it was groundlooped as a taildragger causing significant damage.  It was put on tricycle gear to help the owner, but he still didn't like the plane.  It had a metal Sensenich prop that was bent beyond repair, but they didn't do an engine tear down or inspection.  It also has numerous mechanical and electrical issues that need to be sorted out and repaired.  It has apparently also been sitting for a few years.  I'll change it back to a taildragger, will major the engine, and go through the airframe to do an IRAN (Inspect Repair As Necessary).  The pages below document the work, and my mistakes, during the rebuild and repair process.

Page 1 - March - June 2020 -
The initial project and tear down.
Page 2 - The rebuild continues.  Airframe is nearly done.
Page 3 - The Engine.
Page 4 - Finishing details.

Page 5 - Flight Prep and Test Flying.

The Sport Trainer / SuperCub project
                                Jan 2010                                                                                         Aug 2012
Page 1 - The Cub Project
Page 2 - Fabric
Page 3 - Firewall Forward
Page 4 - Firewall Forward (page 2)
Page 5 - O-320 Overhaul (for the Cub)
Page 6 - Final Assembly (2010)
Page 7 - Final Assembly (2011 page 2)
Page 8 - Final Assembly (2011 page 3)
Page 9 - Completed Aircraft
Page 10 - Later Updates and Modifications
Page 11 - MOGAS vs Composite Fuel Tanks
POH for Scott Grizzly Cub N143W

Short video of Cub first flight.

Cub Links: - All things SuperCub - Everything you could ever ask about a J-3

View from the back seat... the back of my head and shoulders.

My KR-2S over the years.
                         First Flight in June 1997                                                                           2002
    In flight with C-172.         
                                          2008                                                                                       2014
I bought this plane as a partially built project in 1995 and had it flying in 1997.  I really enjoyed this plane and flew some 1300 hours in it over the years.  It was sold in September of 2020 as I neared completion of the RV rebuild project.  It didn't make sense to keep two planes with similar speeds and missions, and the RV can carry Becky and me along with some luggage.  So, while I dearly loved the KR, it was sold and is now in Vancouver, BC.
Page 1 - 1997 - First flight and other Early photos 
Page 2 - 2005 - Flaps
Page 3 - 2005 - Wing Root Fairings
Page 4 - 2005 - New Tail
Page 5 - 2005 - Spring Bias Elevator Trim (Bad idea - Removed in 2013)
Page 6 - 2005 - Write up after testing the modifications.  
Page 7 - 2007 - New Prince Prop installed Oct 2007
Page 8 - 2008  - New Exhaust Headers
Page 9 - 2013 - Engine
Page 10 - 2013 - Cowling
Page 11 - 2013 - Elevator Trim
Page 12 - 2013 - Wheel Fairings
Page 13 - 2013 - Instrument Panel - 
Page 14 - 2013 - New paint and colors
Page 15 - 2013 - Flight Testing - Updated 6/22/2014
Page 16 - 2014 - ADS-B Installation/Screenshots - Updated 7/26/2014
Page 17 - 2015 - Fabricating a new Spinner - New April 2015
POH for (former) N1213W

Short clip of the KR in flight.

KR Links:
KR Gathering Web site.
2017 KR Gathering Photos.

September 2015 - My hangar in Los Alamos.

 With the EAA B-17 roughly 1998 and with the CAF B-29, Aug 3, 2014.  The KR and I have both changed a bit.

Where it all started.  This is a photo of my first two planes (Albia, Iowa circa summer of 1979).  I got my
PPL summer of 1976 while in the Air Force in Plattsburgh, NY.  I bought the Champ in 1978 A couple of
months after leaving the Air Force.   The biplane is a Parks P-3, which was, in reality, a modified Starduster 1
with a Muskateer nose bowl built with the idea of looking like a Boeing P-12 pursuit.  The builder, Bob Parks
of Greenville, SC was a WWII P-47 and P-51 pilot that loved the old Boeing P-12.  The plane was featured
in the Dec 1968 copy of Sport Aviation.  The plane had extra flying and landing wires for strength and used a
single rib plan form rather than the eliptical wing plan form of the Starduster.  At 740# empty weight it was quite
a performer with an O-290 powerplant and a 40 mph stall.  What later turned out to be my third plane is barely
visible through the windows of the Champ.  It's a red and white Stinson 108-1.  I was also flying the Cessna 172
in the background.  I parted ways with the Champ during the fall of 1980 and sold the Biplane in the summer of
1985.  I sold the Stinson spring of 1986 when it was time to buy a house for a growing family leaving me grounded
for a couple of years until a J-4 Cub partnership piqued my interest.

My "other" plane, the Piper Tomahawk.
Tomahawk was sold November 2009.  Wish I could have kept it.
The Tomahawks got lots of bad press and I got a lot of negative comments from pilots that learned to fly in a Tomahawk.
However, I really enjoyed the plane.  Cheap to own and maintain.  Inexpensive to feed.  Hauls a load.  And fast enough
for reasonable cross country.  Yes, you do have to fly the plane, but isn't that why you buy them?

An Aerial Tour around Los Alamos
A flying tour around the Los Alamos, NM area in my Tomahawk.

June 2010 fire in the Jemez Mountains.

Pictures from Casa Grande 2011

Pictures from  Copperstate 2012

48' x 10.5' one piece home built hangar door

KR Gathering 2014 (Links to Marc Baca and Rob Schmitt's slide shows)
Day 1 at Chino
2014 Gathering overall Slide Show
Trip to Chino -Rob Schmitt - Overnight in Los Alamos.

KR Gathering 2015 (best to download slide show files to avoid overrunning web cache)
    Flight from Los Alamos, NM to McMinnville, OR
    KR Gathering
    Evergreen Museum

Weight and Balance Seminar
    W&B Presentation
    W&B spreadsheet (corrected)
    W&B Worksheet

KR Articles from KitPlanes in 1993
KR Time
KR Sportplane for the Masses?

2016 Third Class Medical Reform
Text of what was actually signed into law.

2021 The Beech Skipper Resurrection a.k.a. "The Corrosion Queen" (click on the picture to follow the link)