Pictures from Casa Grande Cactus Fly In 2011

Aeronca 7FC TriChamp.

Close ups of some Cub details for me.

CAF's B-17G

CAF's B-25

The Navy's single tail version of the B-24.  This one was used as a fire bomber.

My personal favorite, my KR.

T-6 Texan


Stinson L-5, formerly owned by Don Jackson of Albuquerque.

A pre-war Aeronca Chief.

A late version of the Aeronca Champ.  Notice the Citabria style spring steel gear.

Stearman row.

Long shot of a Stinson SR-9 Gull Wing.


Grumman Widgeon.

New Standard Biplane that was hopping rides for $65 per person all day Friday and Saturday.  It seats 4 or 5
in the front cockpit.

I can't for the life of me remember what model this warbird is.

A Grumman Bearcat.

Another Stinson SR-9 Gullwing.

A Turbine Thunder Mustang.

Beech 18.

Bearcat with a Cessna T-50 "Bamboo Bomber" in the background.  This is what was in the first of the Sky
King adventures.

A home built Hatz Biplane.

An Aeronca L-3 "Grasshopper"

A Helio Courier, the ultimate in STOL Aircraft.

An Antique Boeing Biplane.

A J-4 Cub.  I used to own one of these.

A 180 hp SuperCub on Floats.  Really nice Cub.  The owner was kind enough to share some good SuperCub
information that's going to help me with my SuperCub project.  

Teh B-25 departing.

Teh B-17 taxiing out for departure.

T-6 getting ready to go.

The B-17 leaving

B-17 banks away after take off.