O-200 Engine Rebuilds

Note:  There are some minor technical errors in thes rebuilds.  Please do not email me asking if I have engines.  I don't.  Please do not use these pages as a reference for building your own.  If you aren't qualified, hire someone that is.

Link to re-assembly of engine #1.

Link to re-assembly of engine #2.

Link to an O-290 Lycoming tear down I did with the EAA Chapter.

I picked up this pair of Continental O-200 engines from an A&P school that had closed it's doors.  These engines
have seen more than their share of untrained wrenches and need some serious TLC to make them airworthy again.
These engines came complete with the engine stands, but every little piece will have to be examined very closely
with the assumption that everything is bad.

In the foreground is the Lycoming O-235-L2C that I plan to overhaul for my SuperCub project that' is also
in the picture.

This engine became known as engine #2.  The cylinders were junk, the starter was missing the starter drive. 
The crank is -.020 and shows some pitting on the prop flange  The case has a number of pulled studs and torn
Helicoils that will have to be repaired..  This engine also has no data plate, so will be an "Experimental Only"

This is engine #1.  The cylinders are rebuildable and the crank is -.010.  The case also hasn't seen the abuse
that engine #2 had.  Engine #1 wouldn't turn, but was found to have a main bearing inserted incorrectly that
had the engine jammed.

Tearing down and organizing the parts from Engine #1.

Engine #1 down to just the crank and rods.

Photo of Rods #1 & #2.  Note that the oil port is pointing the wrong direction on #2.  It's amazing how often
I find rods installed backwards so the oil port faces the side of the case instead of spraying oil into the opposing
cylinder, although usually it's #2 and #4 that are inserted backwards..  That oil spray helps to lubricate the
opposing cylinder, but it's primary purpose is to cool the bottom of the piston head in the opposing cylinder.

Examining the rods and bearings as we tear down engine #2.

Link to re-assembly of engine #1.

Link to re-assembly of engine #2.